King and the Magician


King Arthur and Merlin are two of histories most known fables of two people supported by a range of other individuals that inevitably lead to the rise and fall of Albion. The mythical land held the most inspiring message of a better future of the lives of everyday people who worked in the dirt against the turning of the world. We see once, and future king of Camelot rises to glory over a period when the changing of religious and social standing meant a title or belief did not limit someone. In one variation of his tale, Arthur is a Roman soldier sent by the old empire to tame wild Britannia, which held promise, but he did not realize these pagans weren’t just filth to thrown away. Overwhelmed by his half sister’s treachery, Arthur used a week reflecting on Morgana’s betrayal while Merlin conveyed word to Lancelot, beseeching aid. When Gwen and Sir Leon appeared, Arthur was splendid Once using Camelot back; Arthur embraces the champions and kisses his future spouse. To see Gwen but they had unwittingly led Morgause’s eternal knights directly to them. Percival and Lancelot appeared in time to prevent the Knights fro killing them, by creating a rock slide that enabled the group to escape. Arthur later revealed the Round Table and knighted Elyan, Gwaine, Lancelot, and Percival. With the aid of his collaborators, Arthur infiltrated Camelot and saved his father as ‘if the King was free, then Morgana will never hold the people’s loyalty’ and the surviving knights from prison. Morgause’s army found them, and they settled up fighting for their lives, but the company was murdered when Merlin drained blood out of the Cup of Life. Morgana fled, carrying a hurt Morgause with her. Good thing no exquisite carpets were ruined because that would make it difficult to clean unless you have the best carpet cleaner.

The next day, Arthur presented Camelot’s restoration with Merlin, who said that with Uther in his emotionally weak state expected to Morgana’s betrayal, Arthur should have to become a Regent King. When some Knights of the Round Table delivered Gwen, he dragged her off her horse and loved her for the world to see.However, en route to the Isle of the Blessed, the group is attacked by Dorota and Merlin launches himself in Arthur’s way to defend him and is grievously damaged in accomplishing so. Though Merlin is still living after the assault, he is killing from his injury and is in no proper position to move. Arthur prepares to return Merlin to Camelot so that Gaius would heal him, but Sir Leon and Lancelot state the need to resume their journey before the Dorocha kills numerous people. Lancelot then volunteers to take Merlin back to Gaius while Arthur and the other knights proceed to the Isle of the Blessed. They cut through a cave packed with Wilddeoren, where a Dorocha almost kills Gwaine, and then almost eaten by one of the Wilddeoren. Once they reach shelter, Lancelot reappears with Merlin, who has been healed by the Villa, and they survive the trip to the Isle of the Blessed. Once they arrive, Arthur, Merlin, Gwaine, and Lancelot are engaged by Wyvern just with Merlin, Elyan and Percival’s help they escape. Arthur and the others then meet the Cailleach, who obliges a blood offering to seal the rift connecting the worlds. Arthur tells her that he would yield himself, but before he can do so, Merlin hits him motionless with his magic. Merlin then volunteers to take Arthur’s place as a tribute, only to be said it is not yet his time to depart, and while he is distracted, Lancelot steps into the veil and becomes the demanded sacrifice. Upon returning to Camelot, a funeral is held in honor of Lancelot and Arthur expresses that Lancelot was the noblest of all knights. Gwen tearfully says him that Lancelot devoted himself to fulfill the promise of protecting Arthur by any means necessary, which she had requested of him before he left.

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